Breaking the Mold in Everything He Does


Who Is Vid Lamonte' Buggs, Jr.

There are many sides to Vid. Some people say that he is serious, complex, spiritual and mysterious. After spending time with him, others describe Vid as loving, funny, goal-oriented, encouraging and transparent. They are all correct.

Athlete. Scholar. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Author. Speaker. Poet. Consultant. Volunteer. Coach. A modern-day “Renaissance man,” Vid Buggs is a man of diverse interests who directs his many talents towards bringing people together, encouraging them to look past their differences to unite to make the world a better place.

Some History

Vid and his two siblings grew up in Hampton, Virginia. An honors student throughout high school and college, Vid graduated from Old Dominion University in 2003 with bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Political Science. After starting his basketball career with the USBL’s Brooklyn Kings, he then went on to play in various pro and semi-pro leagues before retiring from basketball to focus on other pursuits.

Some Philosophies

The secret is – there really is no secret. Vid’s philosophy is that perseverance, positivity and a heart full of love will enable us to rise above our struggles and become the instruments to spark constructive societal change.

In His Own Words

What am I about? It’s a challenge trying to explain and depict who I am. Instead of trying to fit into a category, how about making a totally new category? Just think, it wasn’t that long ago that social media hadn’t even been thought of. The same goes for my writings. Yes, they are motivational, poetic and mostly positive. But when people ask me about what types of books I write, I say ‘reality writings.’ Because difficult times in our lives are rarely a positive thing while we are experiencing them. It’s only when we get through the storm and look back that we see the positivity those times brought. And motivational materials aren’t always just positive. One can get motivation by the doubts of others, or by being treated unfairly. So I am here to break the mold in all that I do. This is the person that I was made to be.
~ Vid Buggs, Jr.

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Athlete. Scholar. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Author. Speaker. Poet. Consultant. Volunteer. Coach.