Creating a New Model for After School Outreach Programs


After school outreach programs

Giving back to the Tampa, Florida community
From breaking stereotypes to breaking boundaries, Vid Buggs, Jr. dedicates much of his time, talents and passion to improving the lives of others, especially our youth. Through his educational foundation, Vid is using his distinctive viewpoint to create unique character building self-empowerment programs for teens.

While the Foundation’s after school outreach programs are still under development, Vid’s vision is to create self-actualization programs for motivated teens that:

  • Break down barriers by bringing together youth from a variety of socioeconomic and cultural groups.
  • Use sports, arts and other modalities to teach leadership and life skills.
  • Encourage independence and responsibility.
  • Empower participants to create and achieve projects that they design, based on their own passions and interests.
Tampa Bay After School sports programs

Will this be a program for at risk youth? Yes and no. Vid’s philosophy is that regardless of what background they come from, all youth face issues, so all are “at risk” in some way. Bringing together teens from different communities will help broaden participants’ worldview, and show them ways to work together to overcome the challenges they face.

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To get on the Foundation’s mailing list to stay informed, or volunteer your time and talent to this project, please click here. While the initial pilot program will be in Tampa, the vision is to eventually have programs in place nationwide.

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