Get to know Vid Lamonte' Buggs, Jr.

A modern “Renaissance Man” with a unique perspective and a broad range of interests & talents.

The Man

There are many sides to Vid. Some people say that he is serious, complex, spiritual and mysterious. After spending time with him, others describe Vid as loving, funny, goal-oriented, encouraging and transparent. They are all correct.


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Vid is not one to be put into a box, and his genre-defying writings reflect that. Highly creative, Vid’s books serve to motivate and inspire, providing insights that give readers much-needed nutrition for the soul.


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Take advantage of Vid’s sports program consulting and motivational speaking services. Get your sports program on track, or get your people fired up to make positive change in their lives and the world.


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The Foundation

Learn about Vid’s educational foundation, which is creating a unique character building program for teens designed to break down barriers and encourage independence and responsibility.


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